New owner not a white knight…Man Utd winter signings are few and far between

With Manchester United (Manchester United) likely to have a lot of resources to sell in the upcoming transfer window, attention is turning to which players they will bring in.

Late last month, soccer website TeamTalk reported that a total of 10 players could leave the club by the end of the season and find new teams. Several former United legends have also expressed the need for a squad shake-up. In particular, legendary midfielder Roy Keane appeared on the ‘The Overlap’ podcast on July 7 (KST) and said, “Nine players must go,” and even made his own list of departures.

But even with so many departing resources, there are likely to be few incoming freshmen. That’s according to United boss Eric Dier. ‘TeamTalk’ revealed the speculation on January 8 (KST), saying, “Turnbach does not expect United to pay much money in the winter transfer market in January.”

“I don’t think the club will spend a lot of money in January,” Turnbach told United We Stand, a fan magazine dedicated to the club, “The club has to look to get better. “So if there is an option that is better, more economical and doesn’t fall foul of the FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules, then we should definitely go that route.

He also pointed out that quality players can be hard to come by in the January transfer window, as they often don’t leave their clubs. “It’s not uncommon for the best players to be unavailable in the winter,” he added.

The reason for the club’s lack of activity in the winter transfer window is that although Jim Ratcliffe, the chairman of British chemicals company Ineos, will be the club’s new owner, his investment is not immediately meaningful to the club. According to the FFP rules set out by the Premier League’s secretariat, an owner can increase a loss of £15 million a year to a maximum of £150 million over three years. This is to prevent owners from coming out of nowhere and investing money.

“United are not going to get a sudden tidal wave of money,” the Manchester Evening News said in a report on the news, adding that a new owner would not be able to solve the club’s current debts. “Ratcliffe is unlikely to make any significant changes to the club immediately,” he said, likening the situation to “a white knight coming in and handing over a blank check.”

Meanwhile, wingers Jayden Sancho, who has fallen out with Turnbach, and Donny Panderbeek, who hasn’t gotten any playing time, are the most likely departures. “Sancho has been receiving offers from several teams since his falling out with Turnbach,” according to TeamTalk. In the case of Panderbeek, both Turnbach and the player himself have been linked with a move away from United.

With so much focus on United’s January transfer window, there is also a lot of interest in what resources Turnbach will sell and how wisely he will spend them.


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