DRX ‘Beryl’ vs DK ‘Deft’ to face off in first match of 2023

The rosters for the first match of the 2023 LCK Spring have been revealed.

The 2023 LCK Spring kicks off on April 18 at LoL Park in Jongno. The first match of the opening day will be between DK and DRX.

DK added last year’s LoL World Championship winner Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu to their roster this year. DRX, on the other hand, brought in long-range dealer Seo “Duckdam” Dae-gil, who played for DK in 2022. In addition, Beryl “Beryl” Jeong-hui, who played for DK until 2021, moved to DRX and will be joining them this year. This creates an interesting bot duo matchup between DRX’s Duk-dam and Beryl and DK’s Deft and Kellin, both of whom have recruited ranged dealers from opposing teams.

Meanwhile, 토토사이트 both DRX and DK are fielding their expected main rosters. DK will be starting Kanna-Canyon-Showmaker-Daft-Kellyn, while DRX will be starting Rascal-Croco-Fate-Duckdam-Beryl.

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