One player worth a whopping 360 billion

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ released interesting data on the 31st (Korean time). 

Rather than calculating a player’s transfer fee as a simple amount, the transfer fee at the time was converted to modern value by reflecting price fluctuations.

Using the transfer fee figures identified in this way, the best eleven of the most expensive signings in Premier League (EPL) history were compiled and announced.

Surprisingly, only Chelsea and Manchester United remain.

The offensive line consisted of Sean Wright-Phillips, Andrey Shevchenko, and Angel Di Maria

Wright-Phillips moved from Manchester City to Chelsea following the 2005-06 season.

The transfer fee at the time was 21 million pounds (about 35.1 billion won). 바카라사이트

Converted to today’s value, it amounted to a whopping 138 million pounds (about 230.6 billion won).

Although it is a huge amount, it is on the low side among the 11 players released this time.

The overall first place was Shevchenko.

The transfer fee for Shevchenko, who moved from AC Milan to Chelsea ahead of the 2006-07 season, was 30.8 million pounds (about 51.4 billion won).

The current value was estimated at a whopping 216 million pounds (about 361 billion won).

This is an amount that could rewrite the record for the highest transfer fee in football history.

The transfer fee for Angel Di Maria

who transferred from Real Madrid to Manchester United in the 2014-15 season

was worth 160 million pounds (about 267.4 billion won) in 2023.

The three midfielders included Michael Essien

Juan Sebastian Veron, and Paul Pogba.

Essien, who moved to Chelsea in 2005

is currently worth an estimated 171 million pounds (about 285.9 billion won).

Veron was valued at 173 million pounds (about 289.2 billion won), and Pogba was valued at 165 million pounds (about 275.8 billion won). 

Of the three, only Essien was successful.

In the defense, Rio Ferdinand stood out.

Ferdinand’s record for being the highest transfer fee for a defender when he transferred from Leeds United to Manchester United in 2002 was a whopping 199 million pounds (approximately 332.7 billion won), estimated at today’s value.

His numbers were overwhelmingly high compared to Ricardo Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira, and Graeme Le Source.

In the goalkeeper position was Kepa Arrizabalaga

who still holds the record for the highest transfer fee in goalkeeper history.

Just because he brought in players expensively, now or in the past, did not mean he would be successful unconditionally.

Ferdinand, Essien, Carvalho, and Le Source were clearly successful signings

but the rest are all considered failures.

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