Its a Women’s volleyball Asia’s top four ‘in danger’

At the Women’s Volleyball Asian Championships

Korea suffered a shocking comeback loss to Vietnam

whose power was considered one level below. 

Korean women’s volleyball

which made the Olympic semifinals legend, is falling endlessly.

The national team won the first and second sets against Vietnam

but lost the third set 3 to 2.

Our team

which was in a group with Vietnam

Taiwan 토토사이트

and Uzbekistan in the group stage

suffered a shocking comeback loss in the first game

and could not even guarantee a ticket to the quarterfinals given to the top two teams.

Korean women’s volleyball

which reached the semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago

is in an endless decline after the golden generation

including Kim Yeon-kyung, retired from the national team and coach Lavarini left.

They suffered the humiliation of losing all 24 games in the Volleyball Nations League last year and this year

and were caught by Vietnam even in Asia.

According to the power analysis data for each country distributed by the Asian Championship Organizing Committee

Korea ranks 5th in average height among the 14 participating countries

but only 12th in spike height and 13th in blocking height.

Because the speed is slow

the kidneys are not being utilized properly.

In addition to the criticism of Coach Cesar’s tactical management ability

including monotonous attack patterns

as well as criticism of the lack of basic skills among representative

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