Its Kim Min-Jae and Munich Winning the Champions League

Bayern Munich’s probability of winning the Champions League, predicted by a statistical company, was 10.2%.

Opta released a forecast using the Opta Power Rankings after the UEFA Champions League group draw for the 2023-2024 season ended on the 1st (Korean time).

Kim Min-jae’s Bayern Munich (Germany) was in Group A with Manchester United (England), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Galatasaray (Turkiye). 

The average score in the power ranking is 88.2 points. 

It is the third lowest among the eight groups.

Considering that Bayern Munich has 94.6 points (2nd place) and Manchester United has 91.5 points (8th place)

this means that there will be no problem advancing to the round of 16.

Opta’s predicted probability of Bayern Munich advancing to the round of 16 is 92.5%.

The probability of advancing to the quarterfinals is 59.7%, the probability of advancing to the semifinals is 35.3%, and the probability of advancing to the finals is 19.8%. The probability of winning is 10.2%. 고스톱사이트

This is the second highest probability after Manchester City (England)

which achieved the treble last season.

On the other hand, Lee Kang-in’s Paris Saint-Germain (France) was included in the group of death.

They were placed in Group F with Borussia Dortmund (Germany), AC Milan (Italy), and Newcastle United (England).

The average power ranking score of Group F was 90.1 points. It is the highest among the eight groups.

Paris Saint-Germain was assigned to Pot 1 as the French Ligue 1 champion.

However, in the power rankings, they are ranked 20th with 89.4 points

the lowest in Group F. Newcastle is 9th with 91.1 points, Dortmund is 14th with 90.3 points, and AC Milan is 15th with 89.7 points.

It is literally a death knell.

In Group F, Newcastle had a 58.5% chance of advancing to the round of 16, Dortmund had a 51.4% chance, and AC Milan had a 46.2% chance.

Paris Saint-Germain was not included in the top 16 teams with a probability of advancing to the round of 16.

Opta included Paris Saint-Germain among the unlucky teams.

The unlucky team in first place is Dortmund, and the second place is Paris Saint-Germain.

Everyone is in group F. 

The lucky teams were Lazio (Italy) and Atletico Madrid (Spain).

The average power ranking score of Group E, which includes Lazio and Atletico Madrid, is the lowest at 86.1 points.

In terms of winning probability

Manchester City ranked first with 36.1%, Bayern Munich ranked second with 10.2%, and Arsenal (England) ranked third with 7%.

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