Lim Hyedong sued by Kim Ha-sung for blackmail and defamation

Kim Ha-sung’s junior player, Im Hye-dong (27), who was sued for allegedly threatening to blackmail major leaguer Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres), has been summoned by the police.

On the 20th, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul summoned Lim for an investigation in connection with a case in which Kim Ha-sung sued Lim for blackmail and defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act.

Kim Ha-seong and Lim Hye-dong were childhood friends during their time in Heroes. However, in 2021, they got into an argument at a bar and got into a fight, and Kim paid a settlement of around 400 million won to resolve the situation.

Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong also claimed that he threatened them and demanded money for the settlement, which was in violation of the Prevention of Infectious Diseases Act for having more than five people drinking at a time when gatherings of more than five people were banned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 카지노사이트 At the time, Kim Ha-sung was a soldier who had received a special exemption from military service for winning a gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and was serving as a substitute arts and sports officer.

Im Hye-dong allegedly took advantage of this to blackmail him and continued to demand money even after he received a settlement of 400 million won.

Kim and Lim have since reconciled.

During Kim’s first year in the major leagues, he hired her as a training assistant and they lived together in the United States. However, she recently filed a lawsuit against him for extortion and blackmail after he kept asking for money. On June 6, Kim appeared at the police station and completed an interview with the accuser. Based on this, the police investigation has begun.

On the other hand, Im Hye-dong appeared on a YouTube channel and claimed that “Kim Ha-sung repeatedly assaulted her” and demanded additional settlement money.

In response to Lim Hye-dong’s claims of repeated assault, Kim Ha-sung’s legal representatives immediately released a statement, saying, “We will file additional charges against the other side for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and fabricated evidence photos to the media. The allegations of repeated assault are completely untrue,” he emphasized.

“The opposing player will have to file a formal complaint if his allegations are true. In this case, Kim Ha-seong will diligently work on the investigation and prove his innocence, and at the same time, we will thoroughly hold the other party responsible for the false allegations.” On June 6, 실시간 바카라사이트 Kim Ha-seong sued Lee Hye-dong for blackmail, and on June 11, he filed an additional complaint for defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act.

While appearing before the police, Lim Hye-dong said, “There are obvious differences in the facts, and I will sincerely clarify them through today’s police investigation.” “After the investigation, I will clarify the questions of the press through a press conference.”

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