Kim Ha Sung assaulted, settlement controversy’

Former baseball player Im Hye-dong, who is accused of blackmailing Kim Ha-sung, has appeared before police.

Im Hye-dong appeared at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on Tuesday. Kim Ha-sung, who plays for the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball, recently sued Im Hye-dong for blackmail and defamation. Police banned her from leaving the country and issued a summons on the 20th. 바카라사이트 The police had earlier called Kim Ha-sung to complete the investigation of the complainant and also conducted a reference check on the people around him.

Lim Hye-dong told reporters at the scene, “There are parts of the facts that are clearly different from Kim Ha-sung’s side, so I will sincerely bring those parts to the police investigation today.” “In the future, I will answer (reporters’) questions through things like press conferences after the investigation is over,” she said.

Kim Ha-seong and Im Hye-dong played baseball together for the Kiwoom Heroes. Im Hye-dong is one year Kim’s junior. Im Hye-dong ended her career early without making a first-team appearance. However, her friendship with Kim continued.

The incident happened in February 2021, when Kim was about to enter the major leagues.

They got into an argument over drinks in Gangnam, Seoul. At the time, it didn’t matter, but later that year, Im Hye-dong blackmailed Kim for a settlement. She paid him 400 million won in two installments. Kim Ha-seong’s side claims that he was threatened with violating the quarantine law due to the COVID-19 issue at the time and was forced to pay the settlement. The reason for the complaint is that he kept asking for money even though he had already settled the case.

In response, Lim Hye-dong claimed through other media that she was constantly assaulted and gaslighted by Kim Ha-sung. In fact, Lim was Kim’s manager in the U.S. shortly after the February 2021 bar controversy. 안전놀이터 추천 The allegations prompted Kim to add defamation charges.

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