There were only 16 MLs A new KBO history written by Jeong Woo-ram an immortal record of 200 wins

An immortal record was created 41 years after the KBO league was founded.

The protagonist who wrote a new history of Korean baseball is Hanwha left-handed pitcher Jeong Woo-ram (38). 

Jung Woo-ram took the mound as a relief pitcher in the top of the 7th inning with Hanwha leading 7-0 in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ game against NC held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 2nd. 카지노사이트

When Jung Woo-ram appeared, the number ‘1000’ was engraved on the electronic signboard of Hanwha Life Eagles Park. 

With the phrase, ‘Jung Woo-ram is the first KBO league pitcher to play in 1,000 games.’ 

The fans who filled the baseball stadium did not spare cheers and applause for the record-breaker.

Jung Woo-ram hit left-handed batter Oh Young-soo and grounded out to second baseman after three pitches. 

The 118km slider was the deciding ball. 

Jeong Woo-ram’s mission ended there. .

The fielders gathered on the mound to celebrate Jung Woo-ram’s great record, and Jung Woo-ram left the mound after exchanging hugs with each of the fielders. 

Then, Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho came out of the dugout and delivered a congratulatory bouquet to Jung Woo-ram, and the fans in the stands also gave a standing ovation. 

The KBO League was launched in 1982 and marks its 42nd season this year. 

Although a lot of history has been created so far, Jung Woo-ram is the first pitcher to appear in 1,000 individual games. 

Jung Woo-ram, who debuted in SK in 2004, played in 2 games in his first season of debut, then went on to play in 59 games in 2005, 82 games in 2006, 45 games in 2007, and a whopping 85 games in 2008, putting him on par with Ryu Taek-hyun in 2004. Together, they became the protagonists in tying the record for the most appearances in a single season.

 Jung Woo-ram, who then played in 62 games in 2009, 75 games in 2010, 68 games in 2011, and 53 games in 2012, showed off his health by playing 69 games in 2015 even after returning from military service in 2013-2014.

Jung Woo-ram, who exercised his free agency rights after the 2015 season, signed with Hanwha for a four-year contract worth 8.4 billion won, playing 61 games in 2016, 56 games in 2017, 55 games in 2018, 57 games in 2019, 50 games in 2020, and 50 games in 2021. He proved the power of his ‘rubber arms’ by running. 

Last year, due to an injury, he played only 23 games, but this year he appeared in 48 games, showing off his skills. 

His appearance on the mound was history. Whenever Woo-Ram Jeong recorded his 500th, 600th, 700th, 800th, and 900th career appearances, a new record of being the youngest ever was set in history.

This is by no means a record that just anyone can make. Even if he pitches in 50 games a year, that figure would take him 20 years. 

It is also a record achieved by only 179 fielders who have ever played in the KBO league. Even in the major leagues, only 16 pitchers achieved the feat of appearing in 1,000 games. 

It is a record that is rarely seen even in the major leagues for the time being. 

Among active players, Kenley Jensen (Boston) ranks 50th on the all-time list with 817 games. 

The all-time leader is Jesse Orozco, who played in the Major League for 24 years and appeared in 1,252 games.

Who will be able to take over Jung Woo-ram’s baton? Currently, even finding that candidate is not easy. Ryu Taek-hyun, who is in second place after Jeong Woo-ram, has 901 games, a gap of nearly 100 games between him and Jeong Woo-ram. 

Jo Woong-cheon is in 3rd place with 813 games, and Bujeong-yeom is in 4th place with 800 games.

Among active players, Jin Hae-soo (LG) has the most games with 788 games.

He is only one year younger than Jeong Woo-ram, so it will be difficult to realistically achieve 1,000 game appearances. see.

Following Jin Hae-soo, active pitchers who have appeared in more than 500 games in total include Woo Gyu-min (Samsung) in 8th place with 755 games, Song Eun-beom (LG) in 16th place with 680 games, Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung) in 19th place with 663 games, and Kim Jin-seong (LG).

ranks 21st with 614 games, Sang-soo Kim (Lotte) ranks 31st with 577 games, Hyo-jun Ko (SSG) ranks 35th with 569 games, and Jong-hyun Won (Kiwoom) ranks 44th with 521 games. 

Since they were all born in the 1980s, it is unclear whether they will play in 1,000 games.

Currently, players in their 20s who have played in more than 400 games have KT status. Ju Kwon has played in 436 games and is ranked 73rd. 

Sovereignty appeared in 436 games over 9 seasons. 

Born in 1995, Sovereignty is now in his late 20s. 

He needs to appear in more than twice as many games in the future to catch up with Jung Woo-ram. 

In reality, it is not easy. 

Jung Woo-ram played in 531 games during his first 9 seasons, so there is a difference of nearly 100 games between him and Ju-won.

Although 17 years have passed since 2006, when Song Jin-woo achieved his 200th win, there has still been no pitcher who has reached 200 wins. 

In this way, it seems likely that Jung Woo-ram’s 1,000th game appearance will remain an immortal record.

Jeong Woo-ram’s challenge for the record is not over yet. This is because the total of 200 saves and 150 holds are also close. 

Currently, Jung Woo-ram has a total of 197 saves and 145 holds. He has already stepped down from his position as a closing pitcher and has not recorded a single save this season, so it may take quite some time for him to reach 200 saves. However, as he recorded 8 holds this year, 150 holds is expected to be a record worthy of a challenge. 

What kind of historical moment will Jung Woo-ram be able to share?

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