Kim Jong-gyu and Ha Yoon-gi I’m going to meet someone in China anyway it’s my life or death

Korean men’s basketball advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Korea, led by coach Chu Il-seung, won 88-73 in the deciding match to advance to the men’s basketball quarterfinals against Bahrain held at Zhejiang University Zijin River Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China at 9 p.m. on the 2nd (Korean time).

Chu Il Seung-ho lost 77-83 in the final group match against Japan on the 30th of last month and missed out on taking first place in the group and advancing directly to the quarterfinals. This is the deciding game to advance to the quarterfinals, which we would not have to do if we had defeated Japan.

With this win, they advanced to the quarterfinals, but their next opponent is the host country, China, who won all three games in Group B. Even the schedule is very tight.

The quarterfinals against China will be held at 1pm on the 3rd. 

I have to stand on the court again about 14 hours after the Bahrain match. 

It was a blow to Japan, who had advanced to second place in the group stage. 

China will take sufficient rest after its final group match against Hong Kong on the 30th of last month. 

These are very unfavorable conditions as it is difficult for China to gain an advantage even if they play in 14 hours. 

Kim Jong-gyu (DB), the gold medalist at the 2014 Incheon Games, said, “There is nothing else to think about in the tournament.

It is a situation where I cannot afford to fail.

I went into each game thinking that it was important.” 스포츠토토

China, which won the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, is a tall team. 

The average height is 202cm, which is much higher than Korea (193cm).

The role of big men such as La Gun-ah (KCC), Kim Jong-gyu, and Ha Yoon-gi (KT) is important.

Kim Jong-gyu said, “(Losing to Japan) didn’t go according to the scenario we expected.

We have to play another game in 14 hours right now,” and added, “All players have to do their best when they get on the court.”

He said, “We were aiming for the gold medal, so China is an opponent we had to meet anyway.

We just met early.

It is difficult to say that China’s performance is good, so we will focus and give everything to the game.”

Ha Yoon-gi said, “From the beginning, (Kim) Jong-gyu emphasized that we should focus on defense first.

As we did well, we were able to widen the score gap and win.”

He added, “We had a difficult time (losing to Japan), but we decided to try until the end. We will do our best in the remaining games.

The players talked about working hard together.”

The capacity of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center gymnasium, where the quarterfinals will be held, is approximately 18,000. 

Since basketball is a popular sport in China and it is a holiday season, it is expected that a huge number of cheering squads will come.

Ha Yoon-gi said, “Because it is China’s home, there will be a lot of home fans,” but added, “I think if we play our own game without worrying too much about it, we will get good results.”

Kim Jong-gyu said, “I’ve played in many expeditions to China in the past, but I can’t even hear the players talking among themselves.

Also, since we’re the host country, there will be some things we have to accept in the decision,” but added, “I don’t think any of the players will be intimidated.

It’s just a matter of priority over my participation.” “I will focus on winning the game,” he said.

Yang Hong-seok (LG), who played with 12 points and 9 rebounds, also said, “China is an opponent we have to meet anyway.

I think we met a little early.

If we do what we do well, we will be able to have a good game tomorrow as well.”

He added, “In 1 hour, not 14 hours.

Even if I play, I will do my best as a member of the national team.

I have no choice but to back down,” he said.

Heo Hoon (executive director), who played only about 8 minutes and prepared for the game against China, said, “I don’t know how much we will play against China, but all players have to give everything they have every minute and every second they are on the court. China is strong. It will be a tough game.

But I can’t give up,” he said.

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