Park Ji-hoon prepares for the new season: “We are merging our strengths”

“We’re trying to integrate into the team together.”

The Anyang Kwanjang Red Boosters lost 94-102 in an exhibition game against the Busan KCC Aegis at Anyang Gymnasium 현금홀덤사이트 on Nov. 22.

The team has undergone a lot of changes since last season, but they’ve been reorganizing around their starting guard Park Ji-hoon.

“There are a lot of changes in the team, so we have a lot of things to work on,” Park said. We have different personalities, so we are getting to know each other. It will take some time, but we are preparing well so that we can show a good performance,” Park said about the offseason.

Speaking about his new teammates, Park said, “(Moon) Sung-gon and (Oh) Se-geun left, but (Jung) Hyo-geun, (Kim) Sang-kyu, and (Lee) Jong-hyun came in and are filling in the gaps well. All the players who came in now are making a lot of effort to integrate into the team. They all have their own strengths, so they are helping the team a lot.”

This season, Chung added Choi Sung-won to fill out the guard lineup. Park Ji-hoon has been working hard to build a new chemistry with Choi Sung-won for the season.

“Sung-won is good at defense. He’s been good at defense since he was at SK. He has a good shot, and he can take over when I’m struggling, so we sometimes play together, taking turns leading. We have good synergy and complement each other in that area, so I’m happy about that,” he said about his role sharing with his new teammate Choi Sung-won.

Finally, Park concluded, “We have a lot of practice games scheduled and I think we need to work on our chemistry until the KBL Cup. I will do my best and show a good performance, but even if there are some deficiencies, we are preparing well for the season, so please look at it positively and give us a lot of support.”

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