Yonsei’s ‘Super Rookie’ Lee Joo-young is determined to make a difference next season

Lee Ju-young swallowed her disappointment this season and promises to come back stronger.

Lee Ju-young (189 cm, G) was the MVP of the last U18 Asian Championships, and she made her college debut at 온라인카지노 Yonsei University. However, the adjustment was not easy. After playing her first two games, she fractured her ankle in the next game.

Lee returned to the team for the MBC Varsity. Although she didn’t play many games, she made an impact. She only played a total of 15 minutes, but scored 13 points.

It was during the playoffs that Lee really came into her own. Lee scored 10 points against Konkuk University in the quarterfinals and 16 points against Sungkyunkwan University in the semifinals. With Lee’s performance, Yonsei reached the playoff finals.

Their final opponent was top rival KU. Lee scored 16 points against KU’s stingy defense. She scored eight points in the third quarter alone. However, Yonsei lost the game, and Lee’s performance was overshadowed.

Reflecting on her season, Lee said, “I worked really hard last season. But I couldn’t play many games because of injuries. It was very unfortunate. It must have been hard for my brothers because I was out. Now that the season is over, I won’t think about it anymore and will focus on the next season.”

He also said, “It’s a shame that we never got past Korea University. We lost so badly, both in the regular season and the final. It’s upsetting. But next season, we will make a different result. For that, everyone will do their best,” he said, expressing his disappointment at not being able to overcome Korea University.

“Next season, (Yoo) Ki-sang will not have a brother. The shoes will be very big. But we are still strong, and we want to prove it,” he added.

When asked what he would like to improve on for next season, Lee said, “I felt that there were too many things I lacked during the season. My physicality, my shooting, my physical condition. I need to work on everything. I will come back stronger.”

Finally, Lee said, “In the past few years, Yonsei hasn’t been able to overcome Korea University. We have a lot of good players on our team. I want to bring back Yonsei’s era with our team. Next season will be a lot of fun,” she concluded the interview.

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