Choi Ji-Won And Kim Hae-Sung’s Battles For The Lead

Choi Ji-jin and Kim Ha-seong battled it out in the US Major League Baseball.

In his first start in five games, Choi exploded for a leadoff home run, and Kim scored on a spectacular outfield play.It was the older brother, Choi Ji-Man, who struck first.In his first at-bat in the top of the second inning, Pittsburgh’s Choi Ji-Man lined a 149-kilometer-per-hour pitch from San Diego right-hander Seth Lugo behind the right field fence.”Choi Ji-Man is hitting a cannonball, his sixth home run of the season!”A leadoff home run in his first start in five games as a platoon player!Choi Ji-Man proved his presence with a delightful ceremony worthy of the team’s name, the Pirates.San Diego’s number one hitter, Kim Ha-soo, was not to be denied.After drawing a walk in the bottom of the third inning, Kim took advantage of an error by the opposing shortstop and casinosite sprinted home from first base to tie the game.”Kim Ha-seong is going! He scores! Manny is safe at second base, and San Diego ties the game 1-1.”Spurred on by the two Korean hitters, the teams battled back and forth until the bottom of the ninth.In addition to Choi’s home run, Pittsburgh also hit home runs in the fourth and ninth innings to take a three-run lead.In the seventh inning, Choi threatened the fence again with another long ball, but his attempt at a multi-homer game was cut short by the right fielder.San Diego got within striking distance in the bottomof the ninth, picking off a bunt single with the bases loaded, but couldn’t pull out the win.Pittsburgh came away with a 3-2 victory in a game that featured a number of big league performances.

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