30 years After Lee Seung-Yup Gyeongbuk University Wins Cheongryonggi Title

30 years after Lee Seung-yup…Gyeongbuk wins the Cheongryonggi titleGyeongbuk High School has won the Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship for the first time in 30 years.Gyeongbuk High School won casinositeking the 78th Cheongryonggi Tournament 4-1 in the final against Mulgeumgo at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul today (Nov. 27) behind a seven-inning no-hitter by starting pitcher Lee Seung-hyun and a game-winning hit by No. 4 hitter Jeon Mir in the first inning.It was the first time since 1993, when Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop played for Kyungpook, that the team had reached the top of the Cheongryonggi.

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