Play slots? Enjoy bingo? You’re going to adore Slingo so much. With Slingo, you can enjoy the best of both realms without having to choose which game to play. Continue reading to find out more about Slingo and to get some advice on how to play.


Slingo is a combination of five-reel slots and 75-ball bingo. A 5 x 5 matrix that resembles a bingo card is what you play on, but underneath it are reels as well. There is only one apparent space on each reel.

Slingo is a game that has only recently become popular in the UK, unlike bingo and casinos, which have been played for years. Gaming Realms purchased the game’s rights in 2015 and moved on to create additional iterations of the game, which are now referred to as Slingo Originals. Slingo by Gaming Realms, which started out as a play-for-free game, is now becoming very popular as a real-money game, and various variations and payout levels are popping up everywhere.

The numbers are provided to you by the reels underneath the card rather than a caller, as is the case with internet bingo. Five numbers or feature symbols, which can be crossed off if they show on your card or have an impact on what you can do there, are revealed after each spin (see Special Slingo Symbols below). The majority of Slingo games for real money have an automatic daubing feature that will mark them off for you or, at the very least, highlight the numbers you need to mark so you can see them clearly.

The differences between Slots, Bingo, and Slingo

*Slot machines and bingo activities have both been around for a while. Slot machines were created in the 1800s, and bingo is a game with origins in an Italian lottery from the sixteenth century. Slingo, a more modern creation, draws inspiration from both of the earlier games but also has some unique elements.

*Slot reels are smaller than normal, and each reel has just one space.In contrast to a conventional bingo game, this one includes both symbols and numbers, including jokers and gold coins.
*Slingo can be played either solo, like a gaming machine, or communally, like bingo.

Playing Slingo

Slingo is fun and easy to play. This new bingo variation, which is a ton of fun and incredibly easy to master, is available if you need to play Slingo online. Just keep in mind that Slingo is fundamentally nothing more than a “bingo and slot” hybrid. Simply spin the slot machines underneath your framework to begin. Then, check your grid to see if any of the chosen numbers are presently appearing on the reels. Of course, matching your bingo card to the called numbers is very similar to this exercise.

The expansion of various images that grant participants a bonus is one way that ongoing interaction has been enhanced. In this manner, when the wheel is spun, you might just see some numbers, but you might also see a few pictures.

In any case, during any game, your reels may also display a variety of extra images, just like Slingo numbers. Keep an eye out for these Slingo images because they might help you earn prizes and amazing game rewards. This range of pictures in Slingo can include various parts.

You will receive a certain number of spins in exchange for your wager; these spins must also be completed within the allotted time frame. Additionally, you will have a few opportunities to earn additional free spins, and you can typically purchase additional spins while playing the game. In Slingo games, winning requires having the ability to score scores.

With each spin on the Slingo slots, you receive a certain amount of game pints. The actual amount will change depending on how the game is played. Even though the unique Slingo space games feature a variety of prizes, points are frequently awarded for in-game actions.

How to Play Slingo

If you appreciate playing video games online, there’s a good chance you’ve tried bingo and played a little bit of slots. Both games can now be combined into a format that is sweeping the online gambling industry.

Slingo, as its name implies, combines bingo and slots to create a fun new game variation that can be based on some of your beloved slot machine games. For instance, keep a watch out for Slingo XXXtreme.


There are several special symbols in Slingo, and if you manage to strike one of them on the reels, you’ll be able to increase your point total or access bonus features. Despite minor variations between each Slingo game, the following symbols are the most frequent:

*Coins: Coins are useful because they increase your point total and start free rounds.
These devils are not so wonderful. Your score will be reduced in half and you will lose one of the potential numbers on your card if you strike a devil.
*Cherubs: The cherub will neutralize the demon and arrow him.
*Jokers: These are Slingo’s random cards, and you can use one to mark any number in the above column.
Super Jokers: These are essentially the same as jokers, with the additional flexibility that you can use them anywhere on the board rather than just in the same column.
*Free turn: You can turn the reels one more time without having to pay.
Every time you play a new edition of Slingo, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the various features and special symbols due to the variation between different games. One game where being alert really pays off is this one.


Accumulating points is the key to winning Slingo, and while the game is mostly based on luck, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

*Reserve boosts for last. Use your 3x and 5x boosts as late in the game as you can, when it’s most likely that you’ll be finishing lines, to get the most points you can out of them.
*Utilize power-ups. Powerups, which include additional spins and time if the Slingo game you’re playing allows for them, can help you rack up more points. Make sure the powerups you choose to use together if you use more than one at once because some powerups won’t.
*Go through the guidelines. Even though the fundamental idea is the same, every Slingo game has a little bit of a unique twist. Before you begin, make sure to study up on the various features and powerups so you can take advantage of chances to earn as many points as you can.
With its ease of use, fantastic payouts, and exciting special features, it’s no surprise Slingo is quickly rising to the top of the list of casino games available. There’s a good possibility that if you enjoy bingo, you’ll enjoy Slingo as well. Why not check it out?

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