Lotte Chairman Shin Dong-bin, Prospect Choi Ga-on

Lotte Chairman Shin Dong-bin Fully Supports Snowboarding Prospect Choi Ga-on’s Medical Expenses

Lotte Chairman Shin Dong-bin, who is the chairman of the Korean Ski Association (Chairman Kim In-ho),

supported 80 million won, the entire medical cost of Choi Ga-on, a promising medalist at the 2026 Winter Olympics.

According to the Korean Ski Association on the 22nd, Choi Ga-on,

who won the International Ski Federation (FIS) Snowboard World Cup in December last year,

recently sent a letter of gratitude to Chairman Shin Dong-bin for support of surgery and treatment expenses. 카지노

Choi Ga-on won the FIS Snowboard World Cup in December of last year and became the second Korean athlete to become the World Cup champion in skiing, following Lee Sang-ho in 2021.

He was considered a strong gold medal candidate at the Youth Olympics held in Gangwon-do in January of this year,

but was unable to participate in the Youth Olympics due to a back injury suffered during the Swiss World Cup and being placed on the operating table.

Chairman Shin Dong-bin, who heard the news of the sudden injury of a promising medalist for the 2026 Winter Olympics,

provided 80 million won, the entire cost of treatment, to help the young athlete overcome the injury and make a quick comeback.

Choi Ga-on, born in 2008, injured his back in Switzerland and had to receive immediate treatment locally,

and the cost of surgery and treatment was inevitably somewhat burdensome.

Ga-on Choi set the record as the youngest winner (14 years and 3 months) of the X Games,

an extreme sports competition in the United States, in January last year.

The previous youngest winner in this category was 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics gold medalist Chloe Kim (USA) at 14 years and 9 months old.

Choi Ga-on is currently focusing on rehabilitation exercises to return to the snowy field next season.

Since becoming the president of the Korea Ski Association in 2014, Lotte Group has sponsored over 22 billion won in snow sports over the past 10 years,

with Chairman Shin Dong-bin serving as president of the association until 2018.

Various reward systems have been introduced for the World Championships, Youth Olympics, Junior World Championships, and World Cup, including a 300 million won reward for Olympic gold medals.

This season as well, approximately 180 million won in reward money is scheduled to be paid to players.

In 2022, a ski & snowboard team was founded and began supporting Lee Chae-woon,

Choi Ga-on, Lee Seung-hoon, and Jeong Dae-yoon, and this year,

three promising players including Shin Hye-oh, Jeong Yul-ah, and Choi Byeol-hee were recruited.

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