Hanwha big trade? Kim Kyung-moon at the helm: “We still need it, but…”

New Hanwha Eagles head coach Kim Kyung-moon, who took over the reins during the offseason, has revealed his philosophy for the remainder of the season.

Following the departure of head coach Choi Won-ho and CEO Park Chan-hyuk last month, Hanwha announced on Feb. 2 the appointment of Kim Kyung-moon as its 14th head coach. His contract will be for three years, until 2026. The contract is worth a total of 2 billion won, including a 500 million won signing fee and 1.5 billion won in annual salary. Hanwha held a press conference and inauguration ceremony for the new head coach Kim Kyung-moon on the 3rd.

As of March 3, Hanwha is in eighth place with a season record of 24 wins, 1 draw, and 32 losses. They are 2.5 games behind the sixth-place NC Dinos and 0.5 games behind the seventh-place KT Wiz, but they are not far behind the ninth-place Lotte Giants by one game and the 10th-place Kiwoom Heroes by two games.

After a strong start to the season, including a seven-game winning streak, Hanwha hasn’t had the best of luck with injuries and poor performances from key players. While it’s been encouraging to see younger players like Hwang Jun-seo, Cho Dong-wook, and Hwang Young-mook showcase their potential, there are some who believe that Hanwha needs to make trades to build a more cohesive roster in order to reach the postseason.

Kim Kyung-moon, the new head coach of Hanwha, is one of those who believes in active trading. In a column, Kim wrote, “Korean baseball, which has a shallow player base, needs to make more aggressive trades to make the most of its 토토사이트 scarce resources.

Kim echoed this sentiment at his inaugural press conference. “I think trades are still very necessary. There are players who don’t fit in well with the team but are actually good. I would like to see a condition where a player can do better in the right team rather than a year passing without being able to fulfill his role in a team.”

However, Kim felt it would be premature to talk about a trade at this point, as he was hired in the middle of the season and didn’t have a complete understanding of the roster. “It’s a little early to talk about trades,” Kim said, “and we’ll discuss it gradually as we play matches.”

Meanwhile, Kim Kyung-moon said, “I think we should play older players rather than younger players in the future. There are not many matches left. I’ve just arrived, so I’ll talk to the staff and decide one by one.” ”There are some things that need to be improved, but I don’t want to talk about the sore spots when I’m sick. I’ll prepare to fill in the gaps.”


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