“Be persistent even if you don’t get the rebound,” Hanyang University guard Shin Ji-won shares his secret to success

“I thought, ‘Even if I don’t get the rebound, I’m just going to go in there. I was persistent and it paid off.”

Hanyang University’s Shin Ji-won (198 cm, F) started the 2024 KUSF College Basketball U-League game against Myeongji University at Myeongji Natural Campus Gymnasium and finished with 25 points, 10 rebounds and two assists in 37 minutes and 58 seconds on the court. Hanyang won 69-66, improving to 2-2 on the season.

After the game, Shin said, “We set the tone early on, but we couldn’t keep it going. 먹튀검증 We missed this part of the game and I think we played a tough game,” said Shin.

Still, it was Shin Ji-won who led the team to victory in a tough match. She dominated under the basket against Myeongji University’s June Harrigan, who was sent off for five fouls.

“I tried to play hard against Harrigan. Even if I didn’t get the rebound, I thought I would just go in. My persistence led to a good result,” she laughed.

Coach Jung Jae-hoon said of Shin Ji-won, “She’s been doing her job under the basket since her freshman year. She played well, but if she can play a little more relaxed, she will be better.”

In response to the evaluation, Shin Ji-won said, “I think I’ve improved a lot, but I’m still learning. I need to practice more than I am now. Sometimes I miss easy scores, and I make mistakes in defense. I need to work harder.”

“I want to bring our colors,” he said of the rest of the season, “a team that plays one step ahead of the opponent. That way, we can fight for the rest of the season. The whole team will do their best.”

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