Male K-pop soloists to light up 2024 with new album releases

The concept image for Lee Chan-hyuk's upcoming single, '1 Trillion' / Courtesy of YG Entertainment

January ushers in a wave of anticipation in the K-pop realm as several acclaimed male solo artists gear up for returns to the spotlight. From the soulful melodies of AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk and SHINee’s Minho to the emotive vocals of singer-songwriter Jeong Se-woon and PENTAGON’s Hui, the New Year is set to kick off with a lively musical journey marked by diversity and artistic evolution. Lee Chan-hyuk of AKMU drops his latest single, “1 Trillion,” on New Year’s Day, as announced by his agency, YG Entertainment .According to the press release, the new album promises to “showcase Lee’s artistry, weaving a delicate narrative that has always resonated with fans .”Previously, Lee’s debut solo album, “ERROR,” and its title track “Panorama” received acclaim from the British music magazine NME, with the magazine commenting that it “feels like being shocked back to life. “The agency also emphasized that Lee’s new track, “1 Trillion,” is anticipated to be “a stroke of luck that will inspire meaningful aspirations for the year ahead in 2024,” heightening expectations for what the artist has in store for the coming year. SHINee’s Minho too is gearing up for his latest single, “Stay for a Night,” slated for Jan. 6, according to his agency SM Entertainment. “Stay for a Night,” as disclosed by the agency, is an R&B track that weaves lo-fi-style guitar tones, drum beats and soothing electric piano sounds. Better known for his role as a rapper in SHINee, Minho is set to unveil a new side of himself in this release with heart-warming vocals .Minho is also said to have added a personal touch to the song’s lyrics, conveying a heartfelt message to fans.

In celebration of the New Year, Minho has further planned his first-ever fan concert titled “Multi-Chase,” set to be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung District, Seoul on Jan. 6 and 7. Singer-songwriter Jeong Se-woon is also slated to return to the stage on Jan. 4, with his sixth mini album “Quiz.” The artist previously captivated audiences with his emotive vocal prowess in his fifth mini-album, “Where is my Garden!” released in May 2023. Jeong, who played a pivotal role in producing all the tracks, including the title song “Roller Coaster,” is poised to unveil a more mature musicality in the upcoming album .Jeong gained recognition through his appearances on survival audition programs such as “K-pop Star” Season 3 (2013) and “Produce 101” Season 2 (2017), making a lasting impression in the hearts of K-pop enthusiasts. Since his debut in 2017, Jeong has consistently enriched fans’ auditory experiences through his continuous musical offerings. PENTAGON’s Hui will mark a milestone with his solo debut, unveiling the mini-album “WHU IS ME: Complex” on Jan. 16. This debut comes after a lengthy eight-year journey since Hui’s debut as part of the boy band PENTAGON in 2016.The 30-year-old artist is renowned for his songwriting skills, with credits on several PENTAGON hits such as “Energetic.” The “WHU IS ME: Complex” marks a significant endeavor for the artist as it marks his first venture into the soloist realm. Hui grabbed attention last year by participating as a contestant on the audition program 스포츠토토존 “Boys Planet,” (2023) a platform that ultimately birthed the iconic nine-member group, ZEROBASEONE.

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