Professional basketball after 3 rounds, spectators increased by 24% and admission revenue increased by 37%

2023-2024 Cheong Kwan Jang professional basketball continued to show a steady increase in spectators and admission revenue.According to KBL on the 4th, when professional basketball this season reached its turning point after completing the third round, the number of spectators increased by 24% and admission revenue by 37% compared to the first half of last season.The total number of spectators who visited the stadium until the third round was 355,351, with an average of 2,632.This is a 24% increase compared to 286,629 people (average 2,123 people) in the first half of last season.Admission revenue also increased 37% from 3.25 billion won last season to 4.44 billion won.

The average income of all 10 clubs also increased significantly compared to last season, and the average attendance increased for all 9 clubs except Seoul Samsung.In particular, Changwon LG’s average attendance increased by 74% (from 2,002 to 3,493), and its average revenue also increased by 64%.Seoul SK’s average attendance was 4,682, a 30% increase from last season.Four clubs, including Busan KCC (3,894 people, 27% increase) and Wonju DB (3,107 people, 43% increase), recorded an average attendance of more than 3,000 people.In the game category, DB recorded an average of 91.3 points at the end of the third round, achieving a team average of over 90 points for the first time in 19 seasons since the Daegu Orions, who posted an average of 92.9 points at the same time in the 2004-2005 season.In the 4th round, Suwon KT is expected to exceed 2 million spectators for the 6th time in history.Seoul SK has only about 20,000 spectators left in the total of 3 million spectators, 카지노사이트킹 so it is expected that the KBL will exceed 3 million spectators for the first time.

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