Chinese athlete Joo Jae-hee falls due to foul Men’s 1,000m 4th place

Short track star Ju Jae-hee (17, Hancom) was unable to overcome China’s foul play at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as Gangwon 2024) and unfortunately failed to win a medal.Joo Jae-hee ranked fourth after falling due to a foul by a Chinese athlete in the Gangwon 2024 short track men’s 1,000m final held at the Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon-do on the 21st.He aimed for a second gold medal in the competition following his victory in the men’s 1,500m the previous day, but failed.Joo Jae-hee experienced a dizzying situation in the finals.I slipped and fell early in the race.Fortunately, the referee decided to restart, and Joo Jae-hee took the opportunity to play again.

Joo Jae-hee, who started the race again, started the race in the lead.He was severely checked by Chinese athletes in the middle of the race.He lost first place to China’s Zhang Xinze with six laps left before the finish line, and then China’s Zhang Bohao pressured him from behind.Joo Jae-hee was unable to stop Zhang Bohao’s rough behavior on the second straight track with five laps left before the finish line.Zhang Bohao blatantly pushed Joo Jae-hee away with his left hand, and Joo Jae-hee fell down.China, which surpassed its competitors, took the lead in the race.Zhang Bohao crossed the finish line in 1st place and Zhang Xinze in 2nd place.

The referee judged Zhang Bohao’s play to be a foul and imposed a penalty, and Zhang Xinze, who came in second, won the gold medal. Due to Joo Jae-hee’s failure to win a medal, the Korean short track team was unable to add a medal on this day.Kim Yu-seong (16, Han Advertising), who participated in the same event, finished in 4th place in Group 2 of the semifinals and was relegated to Final B.In the women’s 1,000m, both Jaehee Jeong (15, Han Kang Middle School) and Minji Kang (15, Incheon Dongyang Middle School) suffered the misfortune of falling in the semifinals.The gold medal in this event was won by China’s Li Jinzhi.Korean short track athletes will challenge for medals again in the men’s and women’s 500 meters held at the same 스포츠토토존 location on the 22nd.

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