Stoke Bae Jun-ho An Overly Happy Year

Stoke City (England) striker Bae Jun-ho (20), who achieved many things in 2023, including his debut in K-League 1, reaching the U20 World Cup semifinals, and advancing to Europe, said, “There are so many things happening this year.”

It was a year that happened. “He was undeservedly happy,” he said, “but he was never satisfied.

Because he has always aimed higher, he will become a player who improves in the future,” he said.

Bae Jun-ho is one of the players who made the biggest leap in Korean soccer this year. Bae Jun-ho

who made his professional debut in K-League 2 last year, challenged K-League 1 in Daejeon, a promoted team this year.

Bae Jun-ho adapted smoothly to the K-League 1 by consistently participating in his team’s games despite being away frequently due to training and competition calls to the U20 national team. 카지노사이트 순위

As Bae Jun-ho, who is under contract, displayed flashy movements and skillful game management that was not befitting his age

officials even started whispering that he was the best catch of the year.

The highlight was the U20 World Cup held in Argentina last May. Bae Jun-ho, who was the ace of the U20 national team, was not very strong in the beginning

missing the first game due to injury, but scored a fantastic pressure relief goal in the round of 16 against Ecuador, setting the stage for the semifinals legend.

The goal Bae Jun-ho scored at the time was selected by the Korea Football Association this year as the ‘Best Korean Football Goal of 2023’ He is also a candidate.

Including this goal, Bae Jun-ho recorded offensive points in the semifinals and the 3rd and 4th place matches

finishing the tournament with 1 goal and 3 assists. 안전놀이터

Bae Jun-ho, who is having a dreamlike time in England, the home of soccer, said in a written interview with News 1,

This year is a year that will never be forgotten even as time passes. He gained a lot of experience and gained confidence through it.

He looked back and said, “During that process, I received so much love that I undeservedly deserved it.”

He then asked about the secret to achieving significant growth this year, saying, “We didn’t add anything special this year compared to before.

He commented, “I think that keeping what I’ve been doing, along with luck, has led to good results.”

Bae Jun-ho joined Stoke in September based on his success in the K-League 1 and the U20 World Cup, and has now become a full-fledged European player.

Bae Jun-ho quickly established himself in Europe

playing in a game just two days after joining the team, and is currently recording 2 assists in 16 games in the Championship and EFL Cup this season.

Bae Jun-ho said, “The championship is a physically and technically excellent league

so it helps me a lot in making up for my shortcomings and learning,” and added, “Just as my experience so far has helped me grow 토토사이트

I want to gain new experiences and develop further here as well.” ; he expressed his aspirations.

Bae Jun-ho, who is experiencing European life and European soccer culture at a relatively young age

is expanding his knowledge by traveling around the UK, including London, by train on his days off.

He said, “What impressed me most was that everyone here had leisure in their lives. Recently

I went to a Christmas festival with my Stoke colleagues, and I remember the free atmosphere of dancing and singing as a group with strangers,” he said.

Bae Jun-ho continued, “I remember having a hard time adapting to an unfamiliar environment when I first experienced the professional (K League 2) stage in Daejeon in 2022. This year, I felt my own growth

saying, “Seeing that I was adapting well despite facing the unfamiliar environment of K League 1 and Europe, I guess I have improved over the year.”

Bae Jun-ho, who spent 2023 being overflowing with happiness, now dreams of a brighter 2024.

He said, “It is a happy time, but I will not be satisfied with it. “Now is the real start,” he said. “In the new year, I want to increase my attack points, which are my weaknesses.

He expressed his strong ambition, saying, “I will continue to develop without stopping and become a player

who shows good performance not only in the U20 team but also in the adult national team.”

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