San Francisco, recruited by Lee Jeong-hoo, is a prestigious MLB team that has lost its pride for two consecutive years

The San Francisco Giants, which Jeong-hoo Lee is joining, is a traditional prestigious team in the Major League Baseball (MLB) of American professional baseball.San Francisco has won the World Series (WS) a total of 8 times, the 5th most trophies out of 30 MLB teams, and among National League (NL) teams, it holds the record for the most WS advancements (20 times) along with the Los Angeles Dodgers. .In particular, in the 2010s, he showed off his strength enough to win the WS championship three times (2010, 2012, and 2014).It is also famous as the team where Barry Bonds, who hit the most home runs in MLB history (762) and the most in a single season (73), had his prime.

San Francisco continued its run by taking first place in the NL West in 2021, but failed to advance to the postseason, finishing in third and fourth place in the district last year and this year, respectively.One of the reasons for the failure is the issue of player supply and demand.After completing the 2022 season, San Francisco attempted to recruit home run hitter Aaron Judge, who was the biggest free agent (FA) player, but was unable to achieve his goal as he was pushed out by the New York Yankees.In addition, they agreed to a very large contract with top infielder Carlos Correa, but gave up on recruiting him when problems arose during a medical test.San Francisco, which failed to strengthen its power, exited this season with a poor record of 79 wins, 무료슬롯게임 83 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.488.

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