Its Hyundai Engineering & Construction No. 1 in Womens Volleyball

Women’s volleyball Hyundai Engineering & Construction is ‘an enemy’ We are going to take first place against Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction will face Heungkuk Life Insurance in the third round at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon at 7 p.m. on the 20th.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction (12 wins, 4 losses, 37 points), which has recently won 8 consecutive games, pushed Heungkuk Life Insurance (13 wins, 3 losses, 36 points) to second place and rose to first place. 토토사이트

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which took first place in the regular league in the 2021-2022 season, is challenging for the top spot for the fifth time in two seasons.

However, Hyundai Engineering & Construction lost to Heungkuk Life Insurance this season. He bowed out after a close full set in both the first and second rounds. Hyundai Engineering & Construction is seeking revenge on this day with its 9th consecutive win. 

Since outside hitter (left striker) Jeong Ji-yoon’s return from injury, various attack routes have been utilized. The main gun, Moma, is leading the attack, and Wipawi is also contributing to the attack.

Middle blockers (fast offense) Yang Hyo-jin and Da-hyeon Lee are also active in offense and defense. 

Blocking along with diverse and powerful attacks are Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s greatest strengths.

Ranked first in team blocking (147). Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s starting libero Kim Yeon-gyeon’s defensive ability is complemented by backup Go Min-ji

who is adding stability to the defense.

Heungkuk Life Insurance had a 9-game winning streak, but fell to 2nd place with 1 win and 2 losses in the last 3 games.

Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena are struggling, but there are not enough resources to help Ssangpo.

It is no exaggeration to say that the success or failure of the two players depends on their recovery of stamina and condition.

It is painful that outside hitter Kim Da-eun and libero Kim Hae-ran have not played a single game this season due to injuries.

Park Hye-jin, who underwent knee surgery ahead of the 2022 season, recently took over as setter for two consecutive games.

She is expected to be used as a setter in the future along with starting setter Lee Won-jeong.

Heungkuk Life Insurance recorded four consecutive wins against Hyundai Engineering & Construction starting from the 5th and 6th rounds of the 2022-2023 season.

In particular, Kim Yeon-kyung led the team to victory by showing excellent scoring ability in the Hyundai Engineering & Construction match. When Kim Yeon-kyung

the team’s pillar, is active, you can often see the players’ power rising together.

As long as the defense is supported, there is a good chance of winning in terms of offense.

Heungkuk Life Insurance can regain the leading position if it wins again against Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

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