“One-club benefit, but cold contract”

“One-club benefit, but cold contract”.

It will be interesting to see if KIA Tigers veteran infielder Kim Sun-bin (33) will get a satisfactory contract in his second free agency. When the free agency period opens, he will declare his free agency along with his application. He could stay with KIA or move to another team with better terms. He has a strong image as a one-club man for 16 years, so he is likely to stay.

He joined the team in 2008 after graduating from Hwasungo and played shortstop from his first year. When he joined the team, he was recognized as the youngest rookie and became popular for his no-hit baseball. At the time of the 2009 championship, he was the main shortstop under current coach Lee Hyun-gon, but he took over the position again in 2010. He reached his peak in 2017, when he won the batting title and the Golden Glove as the winning shortstop.

He was finally eligible for free agency after the 2019 season and signed a four-year, 4 billion won contract. The contract included a $1.6 billion signing bonus, $450 million in salary, and a $600 million option. 카지노사이트 At the time, the team had a policy of not overpaying. Ahn Chi-hong, who also became a free agent, suddenly moved to Lotte. Kim Sun-bin signed a 4 billion won contract with the support of fans who said, “We shouldn’t lose another franchise star.”

He played in 119 games this year, going 32-for-48 with 41 RBIs and a 0.739 OPS.

In his four-year career, he is 3-for-8 with nine home runs, 213 RBI, 189 runs scored, 17 doubles and a .757 OPS. For a guy who hit over .300 in his first round of free agency and averaged a .381 OPS, it’s safe to say that his precision and vision are among the best in the league. This is the kind of hitting talent that teams will covet. He also has a career average of 3.3 RBI. He has also led his team as a captain.

He moved to second base after losing his natural shortstop position to Chan Ho Park. Initially, his defense was solid, but he was criticized for his lack of range. This was due to frequent injuries. An ankle injury early in the season kept him out of the lineup for a significant amount of time, followed by finger and thigh injuries that landed him on the 30-day disabled list. He’s also not a great baserunner, with only three stolen bases this year.

The club and his agent are currently in talks.

Neither side has disclosed any details, so it’s hard to say how much it would cost. However, the player can expect to receive a standard first-year free agent contract based on his 3.3 percent batting average over the past four years. The club would have offered him one of a variety of terms, including 3+1 years, 2+2 years, 3 years, and 2+1 years, depending on his age, physical condition, and whether or not he can play full-time.

“We are currently talking to clubs and agents,” said Shim. The benefits of a 16-year one-club franchise star are there. But it’s an important contract that costs a lot of money. You have to be cool about it. We carefully analyzed the possibility of his future performance and presented the conditions,” he said, revealing the principles of the negotiations. If the negotiations go well and a deal is reached on the amount and duration, the player is effectively a Tigers player for life. If the negotiations are deadlocked, you can go out to be evaluated by the market.

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