’88 Olympic handball gold medal’ donated by Jeonbuk Sports Association Vice President Lim Mi-kyung

Lim Mi-kyung (56), a gold medalist in handball at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, has donated her sports collection to the Jeonbuk Sports Federation. The Jeonbuk Sports Federation announced on Monday that Lim donated 16 items, including her uniform and gold medal from the final of the Seoul Olympics, a gold medal from the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, and a national team uniform.

Lim, whose hometown is Buan, Jeollabuk-do, gave South Korea its first ever gold medal in ball games at the Seoul Olympics. “I’m happy to hand over my collection,” Lim said, “and I hope that the provincial athletic association’s efforts to preserve the history of Jeonbuk sports will bear fruit,” he added .The Jeonbuk Provincial Athletic Association organized a relay to donate sports collections of Olympic heroes, senior athletes, and professional athletes, including Shin Jun-seop (boxing), Yoo In-tak (wrestling), 슬롯게이밍 and Lim Mi-kyung (handball), earning a total of 1,850 points.

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