NC coach Kang Myung-hyun “KT has a solid starting lineup…we are worried about domestic selection”

“KT WIZ has a solid starting pitching staff,” said Kang Myung-hyun, who led the NC Dinos to the playoffs (best-of-five PO), “and we will think about how to use our domestic starting pitchers, excluding two foreign players,” he said in preparation for the PO.

NC defeated the SSG Landers 7-6 in the third game of the semifinals (best-of-five series) at Changwon NC Park in Gyeongnam on April 25 to advance to the PO with a 3-game series sweep.

Even without ace Eric Peddie, who won three pitching awards, NC was able to overcome SSG with even performances from the top and bottom of the lineup and a solid outing from the bullpen to reach the PO for the first time in six years.

“After scoring a run early in the game, we struggled to score additional runs, but the middle bullpen did a good enough job that we were able to reach the PO in a good mood,” said Kang, who thanked his pitching staff.

Kang, who was forced to activate the bullpen early when Lee Jae-hak was hit on the back of the right hand by SSG Oh Tae-gon’s bat in the fifth inning, said that Lim Jung-ho, who had to close the eighth inning, did his job, and Lee Yong-chan, who was uneasy, seemed to find relief, so he once again praised the efforts of the relief staff for protecting the one-run lead.

Pedi, who was benched in the semifinals due to a right forearm injury, will be back in the lineup for the PO against regular-season runner-up KT.

“If we had played the semi-finals until the fourth game, Pedi would have pitched tomorrow,” Kang said. “As long as there is no major abnormality, Pedi will pitch in the first game of the PO.”

“His game sense is a problem, but I think it will improve after one inning,” he said, placing high hopes on his upcoming ace.

Kang was relieved that the semifinals ended in Game 3, allowing the tired players to get some rest. The first round of the PO between NC and KT will be held on the 30th at Katie Wise Park in Suwon.

Regarding foreign left-hander Tanner Tully, who struggled in the wild-card decider and the third game of the semifinals, Kang said, “I can’t get command on the mound and Tanner seems to be panicking,” adding that he will try to find a solution over the next four days. 슬롯사이트

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