‘B-boy legend’ with the flag… Hangzhou AG’s main squad also returns home

The Hangzhou Asian Games have come to a close with the return of our main squad.

Led by Breaking representative Kim Hong-yeol, who is considered a “b-boy legend,” and carrying the Korean flag, the team arrived at Incheon Airport to a warm welcome.

‘B-boy legend’ Kim Hong-yeol is the Korean flag bearer at the closing ceremony.

On his way home, he carried the Korean flag and was greeted with cheers from his fans.

[KIM Hong-yeol / Breaking Silver: I didn’t really know what an honor it was, but I said I’d be the flag bearer, and it’s amazing. I’ve been dancing all my life, but now I’m going to the Asian Games, and I’m going to hold the flag, and I’m going to lead the way, and I feel like it’s a really big step forward].

Athletes from the major sports were the first to bring home the gold.

Finally, the main body of the athletes arrived, and the Hangzhou Asian Games schedule came to a close.

There were strong performances in swimming, valuable gold medals in badminton and table tennis, and shared gold in baseball and soccer,

The Games were marred by a lackluster performance in the combat sports and crashes in basketball and volleyball.

[Lee Ki-heung / President of the Korean Olympic Committee: I think it is necessary to consider this area in the future because the performance of the traditionally strong ball sports and fighting sports was too low].

However, the efforts of athletes in non-popular sports shone through.

[Choi Yoon / Athletic Director : I would like to thank the 카지노 people who paid a lot of attention to the non-cognitive sports in particular, and I think their (non-cognitive athletes’) efforts and doing their best will be a memory of my life].

South Korea finished third overall with 42 gold medals, behind China and Japan,

Japan in the overall medal count.

The Hangzhou Asian Games moved the nation with its ‘unscripted drama’.

After 16 days of intense competition, the athletes will now take on new challenges at the national and international levels.

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