Social Basketball in the DMZ

The demilitarized zone on the banks of the Imjin River in Paju, a scarred remnant of the Korean War.

A special basketball game took place at Camp Greaves, a former U.S. military garrison that is now a symbol of peace.

Three national wheelchair basketball players and a group of able-bodied female university students were united by the sport.

As the national athletes showed off their skills, they drew cheers.


The female college students’ team heated up the court with daring long-range shots.


[Yukyeong Shin, 3rd year, Ewha Womans University: “I think wheelchair basketball is a great event that shows that people with disabilities can participate, and I had a lot of fun.”]

The national athletes also expressed their satisfaction with the event, saying that it was an opportunity to spread the word about accessible sports.

[Kim Sang-yeol/Wheelchair Basketball National Team: “Wheelchair basketball is still not very well known, and I think it was the best thing to have the opportunity to promote it at such a meaningful event. We are training hard to win a gold medal at the Asian Games, so please give us a lot of support.”]

More than 100 non-disabled people, including junior high school students, participated in the event, and through various experiential events, the prejudices against disability were gradually eliminated.

[Kwon Ji-yong, 2nd grade, Banghwa Middle School: “Through sports, 먹튀검증 I came to realize that we are not different, but the same.”]

It was a special event that broke down barriers between people with and without disabilities in a DMZ space that promotes the importance of peace and coexistence.

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