The main stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul, which served as the main venue for the 88 Seoul Olympics and as a venue for world-class singers to perform in Korea, will be reborn as a sports and cultural complex after three years of remodeling work.The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Monday that it has begun remodeling the main stadium at Jamsil Sports Complex. The estimated completion date is December 2026.The main stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex, which was completed in 1984, has been underutilized for nearly 40 years since its completion due to aging facilities.Seoul decided to remodel the stadium, and in May 2018, the city selected Nau Dongin Architects’ “Resonating Land, Jamsil” as the winner through an international design competition, and completed the design in July of this year.The city planned to remodel the stadium to significantly enhance its functionality in preparation for the Olympic Games.In particular, the city consulted with the Korean Athletics Federation to ensure that the stadium would be certified as a Type 1 track and field stadium, meaning it could host international and national events, and this was reflected in the design.The main stadium’s 30,000 upper bleachers and running track will be completely replaced, and 358 additional seats for the disabled will be installed.An additional electronic board will be added to the north side of the stadium and the entrance to the north grandstand will be expanded. The interior of the VIP room will be improved to improve the viewing environment.The exterior of the main stadium will focus on maintaining its historic character by preserving the original structure, including ribs and canopies.The existing concrete deck installed outside will be demolished and a 30-meter-wide pedestrian plaza (Ulim Plaza) connecting Tancheon and the Han River will be created to increase public accessibility.In addition, the main stadium deck facility will be expanded to greatly expand professional and recreational sports facilities.The east side sports facility building (extension building) will be equipped with sports facilities and dormitories to improve the skills of professional athletes in triathlon, taekwondo, fencing, table tennis, track and field, boxing, and gymnastics.Through this, the city’s plan is to create an urban sports and cultural complex and daily civic space with an urban park concept around 스포츠토토 Jamsil Stadium.

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