SSGlanders apologizes for ‘batting incident’

The SSG Landers have issued an apology for the batting incident in the Futures (2nd) team.

In an apology signed by CEO Min Kyung-sam on the 19th, the SSG Landers said, “We sincerely apologize for the great disappointment to all fans who love professional baseball,” and “We humbly accept the results of the penalty committee. We will make bone-crushing efforts to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future,” he said, bowing his head over the violence.

“At this point, we will accurately diagnose the level of awareness and behavior of all players in the first and second divisions regarding dignity-impaired behavior, and review the overall management and operation of the squad, including the way the squad has been educated and inspected, and the way the accommodation is operated.” “The ‘Pledge to Eradicate Dignity Impairment’ system will be 먹튀검증 established, and players will sign it every year at the time of signing their contract, which will serve as an opportunity to renew their mindset toward the system.”

The KBO held a punishment committee meeting at the Korea Baseball Hall in Dogok-dong today to deliberate on Lee Won-jun, who SSG requested to be placed on waivers on Nov. 13, and current SSG players Lee Yi-yeon and Choi Sang-min.

Lee Won-jun, Lee Yi-yeon, and Choi Choi-min engaged in harsh behavior toward some players during a training break at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon, on June 6. Lee Won-jun additionally allegedly struck a player twice in the thigh with a baseball bat.

SSG became aware of the incident on the 7th and immediately requested a report and investigation from the KBO Clean Baseball Center. The organization then held its own disciplinary committee and decided to suspend Lee.

The KBO Punishment Committee decided to suspend Lee Won-jun for 72 games based on Article 151, “Impairment of Dignity,” for his harsh behavior and assault. Lee and Choi were suspended for 30 games each for their harsh behavior.

The KBO Punishment Committee issued a warning to SSG.

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