Africa TV to host ‘Guangdong Freaks’ cheering event to mark LCK kick-off

Africa TV and Guangdong Pharma will host a cheering event to wish the Guangdong Freaks LoL team well in the 2023 LCK Spring season.

Afreeca TV announced that it is hosting an online event with Guangdong Pharma to support the Guangdong Freecs in the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring, which begins on Wednesday, April 18. The roster of Lee “Dudu” Dong-joo, Go “Young-jae” Young-jae, Lee “Bulldog” Tae-young, Kim “Tae-yoon” Tae-yoon, Yoon “Jun” Se-joon, and Jung “Moham” Jae-hoon will compete against Hanwha Life eSports in the first match of the LCK Spring on Thursday, April 19.

The Guangdong Freaks online support event will be held on Guangdong Pharma’s online mall ‘Guangdong Sanghoe’ and Guangdong Pharma’s official social media accounts from Wednesday, January 18. First, through the Guangdong Sanghoe app, participants who predict the weekly game scores of the Guangdong Fricks until the end of the season on Sunday, March 19, will receive a Guangdong Sanghoe gift. At the end of the prediction event, the first prize winner will receive an autographed jersey and a set of three photo cards from the Guangdong Freaks team.

We also organized a cheering event through Guangdong Pharma’s social media channels to wish the Guangdong Freaks good luck. To participate, simply leave a comment on the event post on Guangdong Pharma’s official Instagram, or upload a fan art or support board with the required hashtag. The selected cheerleading works will be displayed at the Roll Park site. For more information about the event, please visit the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce website and Guangdong Pharmaceutical’s official Instagram account.

Previously, Africa TV’s professional gaming team Guangdong Freecs signed an official naming rights agreement with Guangdong Pharma for the 2022 season. Since then, Africa TV and Guangdong Pharma have been collaborating on various initiatives to expand the base of esports, including the launch of the Vita500 Coliseum, a dedicated esports stadium in Jamsil, Seoul, the development of game-specific beverages, and medical examinations for players.

Meanwhile, Africa TV will broadcast all matches of the 2023 LCK Spring starting on Wednesday, April 18. For more information on the tournament schedule, 토토사이트 replays and VOD, LCK team pages, and more, visit the Africa TV Esports page at

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