“Watching was training, and learning was studying!” Park Soo-Yeon, a valued member of the Morales, shares her story from the field

She didn’t get to play, but she was there for the whole process. In the process, Park learned and felt a lot.

The South Korean women’s national volleyball team, led by head coach Fernando Morales, wrapped up week one of the FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2024 (VNL). While the team fell short against China, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, they picked up a valuable victory over Thailand, snapping a 30-match losing streak.

Of course, every player on the court gave their best, but even those who were left off the roster did their part. Park Soo-yeon was one such player. Despite being left off the roster in Week 1 and not getting the chance to play, she had a great week with the team, 스포츠토토사이트 giving her all she could.

When contacted by The Spike at the end of Week 1, Park first explained the problems he encountered on his flight to Brazil. “I had three boarding issues in the U.S. during my layover. I had a problem with the air conditioning on the plane, so I got off and waited for two hours to get back on, only to be informed that the flight was canceled because it was getting late, so I got off again and slept for about five hours at the airport before catching my morning flight,” Park recalls.

“Fortunately, after arriving, I reestablished my sleep rhythm, and I had no problems with my physical condition because I trained according to my physical strength,” Park said, adding, “We mainly practiced a lot of 6-on-6 games where we set up situations and played rallies.”

As mentioned above, Park was left off the roster in Week 1. She traveled with the team but was unable to play. “I was disappointed, but I thought it was good training to watch,” Park said. I studied a lot by watching not only my team but also players from other countries. I watched a lot of videos of players in the same position as me and practiced by copying their postures,” she said, adding that she used her exclusion from the roster as an opportunity to improve.

Having studied and grown so much, Park also felt the significance of her first international tournament for the national team. “I felt that the difference between domestic volleyball and international volleyball is really different. I am learning and feeling a lot here, and my goal is to improve myself based on what I have learned and felt,” she said.

The first three matches, from China to Brazil-Dominican Republic, were rough for the team. They didn’t win a single set and were swept. However, Park says, “We prepared as hard as any team and fought as well as any team. Even though it didn’t lead to a win, I think it was the first step for us to move forward,” Park said, noting that the three straight losses were more than just a setback, but a bitter pill to swallow.

Against Thailand, Park and her teammates got the win they had been waiting for. “It was a result of all the players playing with one goal. I was really happy and happy,” Park said, reflecting on her emotions at the time. ”It was a victory that not only our players but also the fans were waiting for. Starting with this victory, we will work harder to prepare for the upcoming match against Bulgaria. I’m confident that we can do well in week two in the United States. I will be with my teammates even if it’s just a small step to victory,” she said, adding that she is ready for Week 2.

In conclusion, Park said, “I would like to thank the fans for always watching and supporting me despite the time difference. As I represent my country, I will do my best and work hard until the end,” she said, thanking the fans.

He didn’t get to play. But she was a proud South Korean national team member, sweating in her seat, desperately wanting a win, and she got it. She deserved every bit of the applause she got. Now, Park and her teammates will take their confidence and sense of accomplishment from Brazil to another important stage in the United States.

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