Volunteered to Train with the Japanese Samjin King Ace with 17 Wins Calling for Revival

Former 17-win ace Lee Young-ha (27, Doosan) is heading to the minicamp of the Yomiuri Giants, a prestigious Japanese team, to make 2024 the first year of his revival.

Lee Young-ha will leave for Miyazaki, Japan on the 3rd with Kim Beom-soo (Hanwha) from the same agency and participate in a mini-camp held at the Yomiuri club facility for about two weeks. 카지노사이트 백링크

As training partners to prepare for spring camp, we chose pitchers from Yomiuri, a prestigious Japanese professional baseball team that is rated one step above the KBO league.

Among them is Togo Shosei, the Yomiuri ace who won the 2022 Central League strikeout king and a member of the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) championship.

Upon returning to the first team last year, Lee Young-ha expressed his intention to Jeong Chang-yong

CEO of Team Futures, his agency, saying, “I want to exercise with Japanese players before spring camp. 토토사이트 백링크

 In the past, CEO Jeong served as an interpreter for Doosan coaches Lee Seung-yeop and Lee Dae-ho when they were active in Japan, and he used his extensive connections in Japan to secure Lee Young-ha and Kim Beom-soo’s participation in the Yomiuri mini-camp.

Lee Young-ha, who was contacted by OSEN on the 2nd, said, “I originally like Japanese pitchers, and I wanted to exercise with them and see them throw a ball in person.

The agency representative knows a lot about Japan, so I’ve been telling him what I wanted since I returned to the first team last year,” he said.

I didn’t prepare well last year, so I want to start this year with a solid start.

I will show you a different side of me,” he said, explaining the background to his participation in the mini camp.

Lee Young-ha imagined having many conversations with Yomiuri pitchers, including Togo Shosei, and receiving so-called ‘good tips’.

He said, “I heard that they are good throwers in Japan, so I would like to talk about their mindset for the game and how they deal with batters. 

Rather than learning anything in particular, I want to absorb their strengths,” he said.

Lee Young-ha, who was selected in the first round by Doosan in the 2016 rookie draft

won 10 games in his first debut in 2018, and reached his peak in 2019 with 17 wins, 4 losses, and an average ERA of 3.64 in 29 games.

He was a member of the Premier 12 national team at the time and received great attention as a right-handed ace who would lead Korean baseball in the future.

But that was the last time of glory. She rarely found a position in one position and often moved between the starter and bullpen.

In 2020, she briefly made a name for herself as a member of the fall team with Hong Kun-hee, but peace was short-lived. During the 2021 spring camp

she was involved in the school violence #MeToo incident and suffered a fatal mental injury. wore it

Lee Young-ha was eventually caught up in a school violence trial and was unable to participate in the 2023 spring camp.

However, she was found not guilty after a lengthy legal battle, and she returned to the first team in June of last year and performed in all types of positions, including bullpen, long relief, chase group, and sure-win team.

Thanks to his steady personal training even during the trial, he was able to immediately join the Doosan bullpen.

The reason Lee Young-ha decided to do personal training overseas for the first time since his debut was to regain the glory of being an ace with 17 wins in 2019.

To this end, Young-ha Lee prepared for a mini-camp in Japan at the baseball academy run by Jae-young Lee, 메이저사이트 백링크

a senior at Sunrin Internet High School, after the 2023 season.

After completing Miyazaki training, he plans to take a two-day break and head to Sydney, Australia as a spring camp starter.

Lee Young-ha said, “I always see his pace drops in the spring and summer

but he throws well in the fall. “This time, I want to start training early and show good performance from the beginning of the season

he said. “After resting for about four days after the 2023 season, I continued to throw the ball.

She received a lot of help from senior Lee Jae-young. “I think what I threw here will be of great help to Miyazaki,” she said with satisfaction.

Lee Young-ha, who has been accustomed to the bullpen, has also set a new goal of competing for selection in the 2024 season.

He said, “The position will be determined by the manager and coach, but personally

I will prepare with the mindset that I will be a starting pitcher until the end of spring camp and the exhibition games.

There is nothing we can do if we try to compete and it doesn’t work out. He expressed his extraordinary determination, saying

Even if it doesn’t work out, I want to try it once.”

Lee Young-ha said, “When I pitch at spring camp in Australia, I want to hear people say, ‘You didn’t go to Japan for nothing.

I will pitch hard so that everyone will think this way,” he said, raising expectations for the revival of the 17-win ace.

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