Lee Do-hyun (Blackyak) will try to win a gold medal in his first Asian Games with a first-place qualifying finish .Lee Do-hyun topped the men’s sports climbing combined qualifying round at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Friday at the Yangshan Sports Climbing Center in Kirqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China. The Combined event consists of lead, which involves climbing a 15-meter-high artificial rock wall to its highest point in less than six minutes, and bouldering, which involves traversing various artificial structures on a 4.5-meter-high rock wall without ropes in less than four minutes. The lead and bouldering events are competed separately, and the two events are scored to determine the ranking. In the qualifying round, Lee scored 100 points in both lead and bouldering. In the first event, bouldering, Lee tied for first place (3 points) by completing all four tasks, while in lead, he tied for first place (2 points) by getting all the holds. He was the only athlete to tie for first place in both bouldering and lead. With a total score of 200.0, Lee topped the qualifiers with a score of 199.9, ahead of Sorato Anraku (JPN).Chun Jong-won (The North Face), the inaugural men’s combined champion in sport climbing, which was first recognized at Jakarta-Palembang in 2018, also qualified for the 20-athlete semifinals with a fifth-place finish and a total of 164.0 points .The men’s combined semifinals and final will be held on Saturday. Women’s standout Chae Hyun Seo (The North Face-Seoul City Hall) finished second in qualifying with a total of 176.0 points, behind Ai Mori (JPN) with 196.0 points.Seo tied for first with Mori in the lead with a score of 96.1 and was fourth in the bouldering with a score of 79.9.2018 Games silver medalist Sasol (Jungbu Gyeongnam Climbing) also qualified for the semifinals in fourth place with 118.6 points. The women’s combined 카지노사이트 semifinals and final will take place on Sunday.

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