Spanish court bans former women’s soccer president for ‘forced kissing’

Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish soccer federation who stepped down last month after

being accused of “forcibly kissing” a member of the women’s World Cup team, 토토사이트 has denied the allegations.

A Spanish court granted him a restraining order against Jennifer Hermoso after a preliminary hearing on Friday (local time).

Rubiales appeared at a preliminary hearing at the National Court in Madrid and denied the allegations,

according to Reuters and the Associated Press.

Rubiales had previously sparked controversy when he hugged and then kissed Hermoso, a member of the national team,

after Spain won the FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Sydney, Australia, on March 20.

Hermoso later expressed her displeasure, sparking the “forced kiss” controversy. Rubiales is also accused of putting

pressure on Hermoso.

During the hour-long closed-door hearing, 스포츠토토 prosecutors asked the judge to order Rubiales not to approach or contact

Hermoso within 500 meters of the athlete.

They also asked for a condition requiring him to report to the court every 15 days in case he flees.

The court granted the prosecution’s request and granted Mr. Rubiales a restraining order against Mr. Hermoso.

Earlier, Spanish prosecutors received Hermoso’s complaint and submitted it to the court last week, 스포츠토토맨 which accepted

it for a preliminary hearing.

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