Athletes’ federation calls on IOC to reinvestigate ‘Sochi gold’ Sotnikova

KOC asks IOC to reinvestigate ‘Sochi gold’ Sotnikova

The Korean Olympic Committee has asked the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reopen an investigation into the doping allegations against Russia’s Sochi 2014 women’s figure gold medalist Sotnikova.

Sotnikova, who won the gold medal over Kim Yeon-ah amid controversy over biased judging, was suspected of doping after her urine sample was allegedly tampered with in 2016 when the IOC investigated Russia’s systematic drug use.

She recently made waves when she confessed on YouTube that she “tested positive for doping at the time, but was not disciplined because a second test didn’t find anything wrong.”

If the IOC grants the Athletes’ Union’s request and reopens the investigation and confirms the problem, Sotnikova could be stripped of her gold medal.


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