‘Oompi’ middle blocker Choi Seok-ki starts the second act of his volleyball career

Four surgeries on his left knee alone left him with 12 holes in his body. He was once released just a week after his son’s first birthday. He was more of an applauded player than a spotlight player, but he always gave it his all and did what the team needed him to do.

‘Oompa Loompa’ middle blocker Choi Seok-ki (38) is leaving the volleyball court in Jeongden. Choi, who started her professional career with Korea Electric Power (then KEPCO) in 2008, ends her 16-year career with Woori Card after playing for Korean Air. He played in 380 matches in the V-League, 스포츠토토사이트 amassing 1,582 points and 514 blocked shots.

In a phone conversation on June 6, Choi said, “I’m dumbfounded that my retirement, which I’ve been thinking about, is now a reality. I’ve been playing for a long time without giving up,” Choi said on his retirement. “I wanted to finish my career with Woori Card, and I think I’ve come to this point with the help of many people,” he added.

Despite not being able to step on the court last season, Choi played a strong senior role as the team’s captain. “I was confident because I was in good shape, but it’s a shame that I didn’t get my chance, but I did my best as captain. I don’t know how much coffee I drank to appease the foreign players,” he laughed.

Choi Seok-ki’s career has always been a battle of opportunity. He had to compete for the starting and substitute positions countless times. “Every time I faced a trial, I thought positively that it made me stronger and more mature, and I am proud of the fact that I have continued my career with constant self-management,” Choi said. As a result, he was able to earn the standard record (500 blocked shots). “Most of all, I’m proud that my son Roha can remember his dad as a player on the court,” Choi said.

He also encourages younger athletes who may be facing the same decision as him. “Opportunities come to everyone, but you can’t seize them unless you’re desperate. I hope you can look at yourself soberly to see what your strengths are and what you lack,” Choi said.

Having completed the first act of her volleyball career, Choi is now looking forward to the second act of her life as a coach. She has many plans, including coaching youth. He also learned about power analysis methods from coach Kim Jae-heon, an expert in power analysis during his time with Woori Card. Choi says, “I’m working hard to fill in the inner parts of myself. Please look forward to seeing me on the court with a different look,” Choi said. Choi, who jumped 2899 times for 514 blocks, was preparing for another leap forward.

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